BBE 1002 Biorenewable Resources – (3 credits)

Spring Semester

This course uses an in-depth discussion of wood as a reference of biorenewable resource to provide students with the tools they need to compare and contrast biorenewable raw materials with each other and with non-renewables. Topics cover issues related to renewable resource utilization, such as raw material characteristics, supply, conversion efficiency, product performance, and environmental impacts.
Online lecture.

BBE 4404/5404 Biopolymers and Biocomposites Engineering – (3 credits)

Fall Semester

This course covers the raw materials, physico-chemical properties, applications, and performance durability of bioplastics and biobased composites. It also includes engineering of plant-based composites in which polymer is used either as a binder matrix or heat-cured adhesive for cellulose nanomaterials, agro-fibers, and wood. 
In-person lecture (with lab activities).

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