Group Members

Dr. William Tai Yin Tze
Principle Investigator

William Tze Dr. William T. Y. Tze, Associate Professor

Hometown: Malaysia
Research FocusView William’s research interests.

Curriculum vitae (.pdf)


Research Group Members

Islam Hafez Islam Hafez, Graduate Research Assistant/PhD Student

Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt
Research Focus: Films and adhesive products from saccharification residues of biomass


Research Group Alumni

Dr. Han-Seung Yang Dr. Han-Seung Yang, Former Research Associate/Lab Manager (2011-2015)

Hometown: Busan, Republic of Korea
Research Focus: Nanofibers and composites as co-products of bioenergy system

Current position: R&D Director, Nanodyne Measurement Systems Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Márcia Branciforti Dr. Márcia Branciforti, Former Research Associate/Visiting scholar (2013-2014)

Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Research Focus: Nanofibrillation of woody biomass

Current position: Assistant Professor, Dept. Materials Sc. Eng., University of São Paolo, Brazil

Dr. Laura M. Moya Dr. Laura M. Moya, Former Ph.D. Student (2004-2008)

Hometown: Montevideo, Uruguay
Research Focus: Fire-impacted trees for oriented strand boards

Current position: Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, ORT University, Uruguay

Jin Yao Jin Yao, Former M.S. Student (2008-2010)

Hometown: Datong, China
Research Focus: Raman spectroscopic studies of load transfer in microfibrillated cellulose/poly(lactic acid) compositesa

Lili Zhou Lili Zhou, Former M.S. Student (2008-2010)

Hometown: China
Research Focus: All-cellulose composites prepared in an ionic liquid

Jesse D. Lund Jesse D. Lund, Former Graduate Research Student (2006-2010)

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Research Focus: Extraction of cellulose nanocrystals and mechanical characterization of their polymeric composites

Fletcher Fletcher Gilbertson, Former UROP Research Student (2016)

Hometown: Eau Claire, WI
Research Focus: Improving wet performance of chitosan-xylan bioplastic

Katrina Hanson Katrina Hanson, Former UROP Research Student (2015)

Hometown: Lakeland, MN
Research Focus: Nanocellulose-soybean oil composites via UV-initiated free radical polymerization

Current position: Graduate student, Chemical Engineering program, University of Colorado, Boulder

Sangki Hong Sangki Hong, Former Undergraduate Research Student (Two-semester Chemistry Directed Study) (2012-2013)

Hometown: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Research Focus: FTIR characterization of biomass saccharification residues

Current position: Graduate student, Dept. Chemistry, Iowa State University

Sam Koerner Sam Koerner, Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2009-2012)

Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Research Focus: Raman micro-spectroscopy of microfibrillated cellulose/poly(lactic acid) composites

Current position: Lab Technician, Cima Nanotech.

Brady Krueger Brady Krueger, Former Undergraduate Research Student (2013)

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Research Focus: Nanocellulose-poly(ethylene oxide) composites

Current position: Permit Engineer, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Jonathon Langkammer Jonathon Langkammer, Former UROP Research Student (2013)

Hometown: Neenah, WI
Research Focus: Electrically conductive polymer films containing cellulose nanofibers

Nicolas Lissome Nicolas Lissome, Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2009-2011)

Hometown: Cameroon
Research Focus: Surface-chemical characterization of modified wood fibers

Evelyn McLaughlin Evelyn McLaughlin, Former Undergraduate Research Assistant (2013)

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN
Research Focus: Surface oxidation of cellulose fibers; properties of nanocellulose/EVA composites

Derek Nelson Derek Nelson, Former UROP Research Student (2014)

Hometown: Minnetonka, MN
Research Focus: Celluose nanofiber/polymer composites by filtration approach

Ava Schrenk Ava Schrenk, Former Undergraduate Research Assistant/UROP Research Student (2012-2013)

Hometown: Richfield, MN
Research Focus: Nanoreinforcement of wood thermosetting adhesive

Current position: Chemist, Integrated Recycling Technologies, MN.

Keith Wu Keith Wu, Former Undergraduate Honors Research Student (2009-2011)

Hometown: Mendota Heights, Minnesota
Research Focus: Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis of microfibrillated cellulose/poly(lactic acid) composites

Currently with Epic, Madison, WI.


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